The Bucket Band is a group of veteran musicians based in Kansas City, MO, playing the great songs from the 1960s and early '70s - the "Golden Age of AM Radio." The members grew up playing in various bands in the Midwest, getting together as The Bucket Band in 2012.
According to keyboardist-guitarist-vocalist Tim Coulter, "What's different about this band? We had all just grown tired of playing the same old songs that everybody else was doing, and decided it was time to play some songs that nobody's done before." Lead guitarist Bill Bishop spent time in some tribute bands, from Boston to Bad Company to the Doors - as the lead vocalist and guitarist, but had always wanted to sing some songs by Glen Campbell and Neil Diamond - and he's capable of covering anybody! Kerry Beach, bass guitar and vocals, is excited to get to play the music he loved while growing up. "When I joined the band, I quickly discovered that it wasn't just a cover band-playing our own versions of the hits. It's much more a tribute band to an era of music. We try to get every detail worked out to sound as much like the records as possible." Bruce Johnson adds the solid backbeat and takes the band to the next level, entertainment-wise!
So The Bucket Band is able to cover just about anything! "We do a couple of later-period Elvis songs, and several Beatles songs, but there's a lot of variety. From the Monkees, the Beach Boys, Temptations, Moody Blues, Neil Diamond...really all the music that we loved growing up." The audiences seem to love it, too. "People come up and tell us how great it is to hear a band playing these songs. It's just 'feel good' music." 

Tim Coulter - keyboards, guitar, vocals 
Bill Bishop - lead guitar, vocals 
Kerry Beach - bass, vocals
Bruce Johnson - drums, vocals

Short Bio

The Bucket Band, based in Kansas City, plays the hits from the 1960’s and early ‘70s. All four members sing, covering The Beatles, Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, The Temptations, CCR, Elvis and many more. Having played together since 2012, they’re known for sounding “just like the records!”

A Few Highlights...

Pre-game shows at Kauffman Stadium (2017, 2018)
Headliner at Lebanon, Missouri’s Route 66 Festival (2019, 2021)
Headliner at Higginsville Missouri's Family Fun & Fireworks 4th of July Concert (2017, 2021)
Released CD, Vinyl Soul in 2017 - sold out within a year
Released CD, Still Kickin' in 2021

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The Bucket Band: Tim Coulter, Bill Bishop, Bruce Johnson, Kerry Beach

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