The Bucket Band

Est. 2012

We've been playing in various bands for decades, and even played some of the songs on our song list back when they were current hits. After years of playing the "classic rock" standards, we decided it was time to play the music that got us started on our musical journey.

At our first rehearsals, we decided that nothing was off limits. Songs that were usually rejected by previous bands were now welcome, as more and more were suggested from our “bucket lists.”

This struck a chord with folks who’d grown tired of bands playing the “same old songs” over and over again. Before long we were playing at prestigious venues such as Knuckleheads, The Record Bar and The Linden Square Concert Series. Then headlining The Route 66 Festival in Lebanon, MO, Higginsville’s 4th of July Concert, and playing some pre-game shows at Kauffman Stadium.

We continue to entertain crowds who grew up listening to Top 40 radio in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. We figure, if we’re going to cover a time period of music, why not cover the best?


Tim Coulter - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Bill Bishop - lead guitar, vocals
Jeff Mize - bass
Brad Burgess - drums, vocals

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