St. Patrick's Day Party - CANCELLED

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LaBella Winery, 11644 Flournoy Rd., Wellington, MO

As much as we hate to do this, we’re going to have to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day party at LaBella’s for March 21st. With almost every public get-together being shut down for the next 30 days, and actually getting advice from a doctor who has more insight to this than we do, we felt this was the right decision. We’d also received some emails from some folks that said they were sorry, but didn’t feel like it was a good idea right now to go to a crowded place. Obviously we love playing for all of you, but if there’s a chance of putting anyone at risk, we’re willing to wait until the next show. If you’ve reserved a table, please call LaBella’s and let them know you’re aware that the show’s been cancelled. We apologize, as we were looking forward to the show just as much as you were, but better safe than sorry. We’ll see you at LaBella’s on May 2nd for the Kentucky Derby Party.